(Photo: Julie Butter)

Some people collect stamps, others have a passion for art. Many even enjoy the dubious delights of throwing themselves out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft. A desire I have managed to resist so far.

My own passion is aviation and more particularly the kind of aviation that more often than not takes place in less hospitable, but no less exciting environments. Not for me the plush airport lounge, the stewardess-delivered coffee and snacks (although now I come to mention itů) and the hushed ambiance of a pressurised, colour co-ordinated travelling tube.

No. I would rather imagine myself getting up at 5am and wandering down to a lakefront jetty to pump out a float or two in the freezing dawn for the umpteenth time, ready for another day of eardrum-splitting radial roar. Why? It's probably me. I always preferred the B-side of hit records, jazz/rock to heavy metal, the Jackson Five to the Osmonds, dirt tracks to motorways, grass runways to tarmac, the Hurricane to the Spitfire.

Maybe this is just a pipe-dream but one of these days I AM going to fly Beavers and Otters around my favourite country Canada - preferably British Columbia - on floats, skies or wheels. I will be recognizable by the stupid grin and occasional self-satisfied giggling coming from the cockpit. In the meantime I content myself in the dark reaches of the English night by researching what I believe is a most under-appreciated, but essentially classic aircraft -The DeHavilland Otter. But I think you've already noticed that.

I hope you enjoy this site and my grateful thanks to all who have allowed me to use their photos and information. Enjoy.

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