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Spring 2014 Welcome all to 2014.

Fred Barnes sent in this delightful shot of Bush Pilots Otter N13GA at Lake Hood, Anchorage 07.06.88 which is a great place to kick off the year. Many thanks Fred.

Roy Clark has been in touch.

"Hi Ian
Thought I would touch base and have attached a couple of photos. "On our way to Wright-Pat"
I'm interested in the fates of Otters, particularly the Air Reserve Otters, the 36s and the 94s.

Cheers Roy (former 411Sqn)" 
Photos HERE

Many thanks Roy and if any of you out there have information about Air Reserve Otters then let me know and I'll pass on Roy's contact details.

Jim Gausman write in:

Hello Ian,


I am thinking of creating a piece of art which would illustrate an Otter three ways: 1) in military livery, 2) radial engined in civil livery, and 3) turbo powered in civil livery.  I would like to find pictures of an individual aircraft in these states - Do you know of an aircraft that I can use?


Attached are pictures of DHC-3T C-FCZP in Slate Falls Airways livery.  I am intending to post this model via UPS to Rich Hulina in Sioux Lookout Ontario on Monday to get feedback.  Hopefully I can release this version soon.  I hope you all have a Happy and prosperous New Year!



Terrific models Jim. Check back through the news section (links above) to find a plethora of shots that will suit and I hope to produce a gallery for each S/N in due course.

And whilst on a roadtrip in the south of the USA Jim found an Otter at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola.

And now from down under Craig Iddles about ZK-VAS (35)

"Giddday Ian, was just given the link to your site by a chap in the US who suggested that you might be able to use my photos. Unfortunately I don't have that many as I was paid to work, not take photos.

The panoramic window mod was installed at Tauranga by Star Aviation owned and ran by the late Greg Best and his wife Jan. The aircraft was then transported to Rotorua and assembled there.

Feel free to use my photos If they are any use.

Cheers, Craig "Bear" Iddles.

Spannair Ltd. Rotorua, New Zealand". See Photos HERE

Many thanks Craig. Great to hear from you and I love the taxiing shot. If you find any more tucked down the sofa then please pass them through.

John Olafson has been back in touch with links to a great video:

I think I have photographed all of the Beavers and Otters seen in this incredible HD video. You will enjoy this. Cheers,



Subject: Fw:  Alaska Seaplane Video - "The Bush Pilots"


Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots chronicles the history of aviation in Southeast Alaska, from the pioneer bush pilots integral to developing the area to today's bush pilots who keep commerce humming and communities connected. Through all the industry booms—mining, fishing, logging, tourism—Ketchikan's bush pilots have been a lifeline, serving as scouts, air taxi drivers, medivacs, and the Pony Express all rolled in to one. Without them, Ketchikan's remote communities would remain distant and sea-locked.


Often called "swashbucklers of the sky," Ketchikan's bush pilots are equal parts skilled and safety-conscious, a necessity in Southeast Alaska, where the weather can pick and roll on a penny. Told by pilots, dispatchers, and aviation mechanics, Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots is a window into the area's past and present. But the real star here is Alaska. Filled with celestial cinematography, the film showcases Ketchikan's very picturesque backyard, a stunning reminder for those who've been lucky enough to see it in person and a bucket list prompt for those who haven't.


Very worth the 25 minutes to watch.

Volume is necessary to hear but not too loud!


27 minutes and 53 seconds of sheer bliss.  Not all about Otters but anyone who has even the remotest interest in floatplanes will really enjoy this. Did exactly what happens at minute 24 in the Beaver at 25:30. I'd go back there in a heartbeat. Many thanks John.



A Job Enquiry!

Does anyone out there need or know of someone who needs an ace Otter pilot? If so contact Plenty of experience on floats, skiis etc.

Winter 2013 Blimey. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun - well working for a living anyway. Here we are again at Christmas and it doesn't seem five minutes since I took the tree down and packed away all the decorations.

To paraphrase Garrison Keillor "It's been a quiet year for Otter News". However, in some fleeting moments I have taken the opportunity to begin adding histories to each aircraft, based on the 'masterwork' produced by Karl E Hayes in DHC-3 Otter: A History (2005) which he kindly sent me when I first started the site. The first 30 are done (just 436 to go!) and there are two separate updates to add in due course. I am also trying to add as many photos to each aircraft page as possible too. At least it keeps me out of the pub/bar.

My grateful thanks to all of you who have contributed during 2013 and I look forward to hearing from you again in 2014. All best wishes for the New Year.