For those of us not able to fly the Otter for real there is an increasingly wide range of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Most of the well known Flight Sim websites carry downloads for a range of aircraft types with wheels, floats, ski’s for FS98 onward. Most show the Turbo version although at Christmas 2005 so
me new radial versions have now arrived.

With the latest FS2004 the ability to load aircraft and adjust flight characteristics, weather and air traffic means that some measure of reality (whatever that is) can be created. I regularly fly the Harbour Air Otter service from Vancouver to Victoria, or Kenmore Beavers out of Seattle. The depths of BC and Alaska are plundered on a regular basis too, with add-on airfields and scenery details really bringing the action alive. OK so it can never beat the real thing, but hey! When you’re sat in Britain thousands of miles from the action, what else can one do?

Here is a selection of FS Aircraft, Panels and Paint Schemes for your enjoyment:-


The following can be found at www.avsim.com


This aircraft can be found at www.avsim.com - file reference [dhc3pzl.zip] – and has been produced by long time Otter producer Eugene Heyart and is described as follows:-


This Otter is the 1000hp conversion from Airtech Canada (R). The FS2004 model has a dynamic virtual cockpit, 5 liveries, reflective textures, opening door, full moving parts, panel with custom gauges and custom sound.

This aircraft is on amphibious floats.



A second Otter can also be found on www.avsim.com – file reference [dhc3otter.zip] – which has been produced by long-time Sim collaborators Steve Grant and Fed Choate and is a wheeled version. I have not tried this one yet but it looks good and has some nice features, including a better panel by the sound of it.

I see a further panel is available from avsim – file reference [dhc3.zip].



File Ref: awdhc3s.zip

FS2004 Alaskan Winds DHC-3 TTC Super Otter. The great De Havilland DHC-3 Super Otter by Eugene Heyart in the colours of Alaskan Winds Virtual Airline. Featuring highly detailed reflective textures, in 32 bit extended format, no mipmaps. These skins will serve both the Empty and Loaded versions of the original model. Done with the paint kit by Daniel Delport, and extra detail. Textures only. (Requires sofinal.zip). Released as Freeware.



File Ref: awdhc3v2.zip

Alaskan Winds DHC-3 TTC Super Otter Pack v2. Featuring high detail reflective textures, now in both 32 Bit and DXT3 formats. These are for the Amphib Empty, Amphib Loaded and Wheeled versions of the original model. Done with the paint kit by Daniel Delport, and extra detail. Textures only. (Requires socomplt.zip). Released as Freeware.



File Ref: bfudso.zip

Reworked textures for the DeHavilland DHC-3 TTC Super Otter in a tropical - Caribbean livery for Bush Flying Unlimited, for use at their new Virgin Gorda, BVI, FBO. Includes new prop alphas, new interior colors and pilot textures. Requires the original sofinal.zip by Eugene Heyart.





File Ref: sofinal.zip

2 versions included in this package: an empty and a loaded version (with boats attached on both sides!). This package contains many upgrades and bugfixes to the previous version. FS2002 PRO, dynamic virtual cockpit, reflective textures, opening door, full moving parts, panel, lightings, effects, sounds, pilot, passengers.



File Ref: supotter.zip

This fictional FS depiction of a real-world Texas Turbine Conversion was designed using FSDSv2 and this totally new FS aircraft includes, custom 2D panel, dynamic 3D virtual cockpit-panel, reflective textures, and air file update (supotud1.zip) is already installed for you.



File Ref: kenmore_dhc3tem.zip

Textures only for Eugene Heyart's "Super Otter" (sofinal.zip) painted as Kenmore Air's N50KA. This aircraft promotes the local television program "Evening Magazine". Fuselage textures are 32-bit, all others DXT3. The majority of these textures are hand-drawn for clarity.



File Ref: kenmore_dhc3tv11.zip

Textures only for Eugene Heyart's "Super Otter" (sofinal.zip) painted as Kenmore Air's N606KA. Fuselage textures are 32-bit, all others DXT3. This version fixes texture problems with the right wing reported by some users and completely replaces the previous release. Repaint by Luke Jensen.



File Ref: pac_dhc3_n821pa.zip

This Payette Air Charter livery texture is provided for FREE and is intended for use with Eugene Heyart Super Otter (sofinal.zip). This is a repaint of fictional N821PA. Payette Air Charter flies the Northwest.



File Ref: pmotter.zip

Promech Air textures for the Supper Otter model by Eugene Heyart (sofinal.zip). Promech Air is based in Ketchikan, Southeast Alaska, although they do not fly any Super Otters. Promech Air is the only full service airline in Southeast Alaska, offering scheduled, freight and charter services. They offer extensive flightseeing tours in conjunction with the many cruise lines that dock in Ketchikan.



File Ref: vrfs_dh3_super_otter.zip

This package contains 2 versions of the Super Otter: For Fs2002 "Pro" and FS2004 (Cof) in an easy self installer. Super Otter Empty: This is the standard version with no additional loading. Super Otter Loaded: This version is loaded to 95% (copilot, 8 passengers with their baggage and 2 boats). Repaint of original Model by :Eugene Heyart



File Ref: dhc3_pzl2.zip

Here's a Reto panel for Eugene Heyart's new DHC3_PZL Otter available here at AVSIM (dhc3pzl.zip)